Wings of organisation

Deals with staffs of all Govt. ITI & Diploma Institutions i.e. Increments, Transfer etc.
a. Establishment-I :- Deals with Establishment matters of all Gazetted Officer of Govt. ITI & Diploma Institutions. Also deals with Establishment matters of Non-Gazetted Officer of only Hqrs. Organisation.
b. Establishment-II :- Deals with Establishment matters of all Non-Gazetted Officer of Govt. ITI & Diploma Institutions.

Deals with different schemes implemented in all Govt. ITI & Govt. Polytechnics. Also budget provision is made for the establishment under the disposal of DTET. Such as different of funds under different schemes like Salaries & Non-Salaries components, along with all advances such as Festival, House Building, Motorcycle, Computer. Grant-in-aids to different Govt. Engineering Colleges.

I. To start the construction work of additional projects of Diploma institute to fill up the infrastructure gap as per AICTE norms.
II. To start the construction work of additional projects of Govt. ITIs to fill up the infrastructure gap as per NCVT norms.
III. To take up the improvement works which are need based.
IV. To create a standard modern smart class Room with furniture, Projector, smart board, network, El Works etc. and Class Room furniture.
V. Deals with disposal of e-abhijog grievances.

Deals with all types of procurement of tools & machinery for Govt. ITI & Engineering School with providing funds to all institutes sanctioned by the Govt. verification of equipment and machineries by the technical experts centrally evaluation of technical bids by technical experts for every tender. Issue of purchase order, necessary amendment of purchase order in respect of specification.

This deals with affiliations, recognisations, curriculum development, inspection and verification of craftsman training program of Odisha.

a. Inspection Wing:-
I. Deals with all types of inspection & affiliation of Govt. ITI & also Private ITI’s.
II. Human Resources (Creation and filling up of posts for ITIs).
III. Student’s Welfare Schemes for inclusiveness.
IV. Faculty Training (Leadership, CITS & refresher).
V. Industry Connects (National & International standards for partnership).

b. Manpower Planning (MPP) Wing:-
I. Deals with different types of schemes for Govt. ITI & establishment of new ITI, enhancement of intake capacity etc.
II. Launching & implementation of Mission, vision & Values in New ITI System with Sustainability training aspects.
III. Career Counseling of High School Children.
IV. Admission in SAMS and general reviews of academic progress.
V. Budgeting for PMU, NAT, STRIVE, Skill Development Mission.
VI. Infrastructure planning (Physical, Digital, Intellectual and Emotional).
VII. Aspirational Quality in ITIs (Model ITI, Skill Museum, ITI Fests).
VIII. Cadre Rules under OVTS (framing & implementation).
IX. Administering Government ITIs including establishment of new ITIs under SP, CSP and Central Plan schemes.
X. Implementation of GoI schemes under Skill Development Mission.
XI. Management of PMU and SPIU activities.

I. Deals with affiliation new Diploma institution, increasing of seats, opening of new courses in existing institute.
II. Sanction of Grant-in-aid to Engineering Colleges.
III. Admission of both Govt. & Pvt. Diploma institutions.
IV. Operation of Welfare Schemes for Diploma students.

Deals with enhancement / upgrading knowledge of capabilities of faculties, revision of syllabus for Diploma. The cell conducted faculty training in different state i.e., Kolkata, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. for faculty development.

Monitors the Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS) across the State of Odisha as per the provisions laid down under Apprenticeship Act’1961 rights from engagement to certification of apprentices. The objective of the scheme is to utilize fully the facilities available in the industry for imparting on-the-job training to young school leaves, semi-skilled youths graduating from Industrial Training Institutes and Technical Education Institutes so as to maintain a steady flow of skilled manpower to industry.

Deals with cases relating to service matter filed in different judicial forum i.e., High Court of Odisha. State administrative tribunal in Principal Bench, BBSR, Cuttack Bench, Cuttack, Circuit Bench at Brahmapur & Sambalpur. Besides looks after cases filed in other judicial forum like MACT, Labour Court etc..

I. To deals with Departmental Audit Reports of Govt. ITI, Engineering Schools & Hqrs.
II. To deals with A.G Odisha inspection Report (AGIR).
III. To deals with Public Accounts Committee (PAC) reports submitted by A.G Odisha.
IV. To deals with theft and miss-appropriation (TM) cases.

I. Preparation of Pay Bill & Provisional-Pension Bill for Payment to the staffs in every month.
II. Preparation of contingent bill for Payment of Electricity, Telephone, Motor Vehicle & other Voucher etc..
III. Preparation of grant bill & distribute the same to the Principal of Engineering School & Govt. ITI’s.
IV. Preparation of Drawel Particulars i.e HR, W.T, H.B Adv, M.C Adv etc for issue of NDC intake of the staffs.
V. Maintain the cash book.
VI. Preparation of TA, LTC, RCM and other bills as and when required of the staff of this Directorate.

The main endeavor of CPC is to get students of different Government ITIs, Government / Private Engineering Schools & Polytechnics placed in reputed companies, registered job contractors, registered service providers, multinational companies, government jobs, NGO’s, Corporate Houses, Central/State sector PSUs/Private sector Industries, MSME etc.

All Types of letter are issue & uploaded into the e-Despatch website for general public. Normally letters are delivered through speed post, Regd. Post special messenger by hand to the consult authority.

All letter/ official document are being received and duly acknowledge. Different letter diary are maintained to locate the status in future. Important old records/ files are properly stored in record room for future reference.